May 18, 2008

I'm going to Brag

Today Tanner's school had an International Art Fair and Brunch. Of course, I saw his teacher there. She began to tell me how she feels that Tanner is really maturing - finally . Then she gave me an example. She said that -- well, a little background. There is a boy in Tanner's class who is somewhat challenging. He has had a lot to overcome, and he has a very hard time in class and making friends with the other students. I feel like every day I am encouraging Tanner and explaining to him how important it is to reach out to kids like "Sam." Of course, he gives me a tirade of how mean the boy is and every other excuse. It is not unusual for the boy to get in trouble and if there is a toe-to-toe with another child, it is most likely "Sam" who started it. So the teacher explains that Tanner and Sam were having words and a little physical activity. The teacher disciplined Sam. I feel so sorry for Sam. Anyway, Tanner corrected the teacher and said, "Mrs. Frig, it actually was me who started it." I had tears in my eyes. I have never been so proud!! Sometimes they really are listening to you.... Thanks for listening...... I love my guy!!!

And so today I am thankful for:

my son....
his honesty
his school
and God for guiding us both.....

May 2, 2008

First Holy Communion

Tanner's First Holy Communion was a very special day. We attended Mass at 10:00. We spent time before and after taking photos as you have seen. And afterwards we celebrated with our family at Goofy's Kitchen, Tanner's favorite restaurant. We had an awesome brunch and then off to Disneyland. Where else??

As for my handsome son's suit, for that we went to LA. I had seen the suit online for $400+ and that was definitely not an option. So I searched high and low for an alternative. Of course, still focussed on the suit I REALLY wanted. A friend from school mentioned a place she had found her son's suit at in LA and off we went. And there it was the first suit, the first store. $90. He tried it on, and wow he looked Awesome!!! Of course, all he wanted to do was go home, and I just wanted to stand and stare at him. Paid the man and off we went. Well, quick stop to the tailor there (another recommendation from my friend) and for $4 had the pants hemmed. Pretty easy actually.

My cousins are now ending their posts with what they are thankful for. I love the idea so as usual I will follow their lead. They're too smart.....

And so today I am thankful for......

God in control of my life
My friend Vic who always reminds me God is in charge
My son!!!
My ability to make a living working mostly from home

Thank you, God!!!!