Sep 14, 2008

First Day of School

And now we are back to school. Bummer!!! I really like the summers!!! Tanner is standing next to his first grade teacher, our favorite. She's the greatest!!! Tanner was showing her how is now taller than her. That made him VERY happy. We are back to a schedule and so far doing well in school.
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Laguna Festival of the Arts

Finally, some girl time. My good friends Denise, her daughter Jodan, Vicki, and Anita and I spent Sundays at the festival. What a great time. We would go around 4:00 on Sundays, listen to the music (Beatles rendition), play poker, eat, and drink wine. I will miss these Sundays, but we will definitely do it again next year!!!
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Back-to-School Slumber Party

Tanner had a couple of friends over for a slumber party, our first. He and his friends had an awesome time!!! They stayed up until about 2:00 a.m. I fell asleep long before that. Woke up at 1:30 and told them they had another half hour. They said they went to sleep. Who knows. Up at 8:00 the next morning and back to the video games!!! Then we went to lunch and the Power Station which is a video arcade and laser tag. Yes, I get mother of the year!!! Tanner said!!! He did have an awesome time. I'm thinking for his birthday

Disneyland 5K

We participated in the Disneyland 5K. What an awesome time we had. We did it in one hour and 2 minutes. Not bad for us. We had made the New Year's resolution that we would do a 5k every month. We are very behind, but we have done five this year. We will do the Race for the Cure at the end of the month. Cute medals!!!!
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We get our cast off!!!!

Yes, hockey camp was fun, BUT..... had a little accident. The coach kept saying, "Oh, he is fine. It is not broken." And I was in complete agreement with him. So we went back the next day, and he continued to favor his arm saying, "It hurts!!" I am thinking, oh, yeah..... By the third day, "You're going to the doctors and you better have a broken arm. I am tired of hearing about it." Ooooops..... To the doctors we go, and yes, he does have a broken arm. Lots of I'm sorry from me..... He forgave me......
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