Feb 24, 2008

Thought of the Day

I have always loved inspiring messages that make me think about life, what it is about, where do I fit in, and what is my purpose?

So as a new blogger, my newest distraction is looking at other blogs. Wow what an inspiration!! There are a lot of inspiring people and families out there. I found this one on a blog and loved it......

Today we may find ourselves summoned to a task which we know is quite beyond us
"Me, Lord?" we quaver,
"Who am I?"
God answers, "I am with you."

Feb 18, 2008

Tanner's 9th Birthday

Tanner turned 9 on February 16th. We agreed not to have a party but to have a super fun-filled four-day weekend. I started by buying some inexpensive gifts i.e., Chaotic cards, Funkees, and small water toys. I attached a clue as to what we would be doing next. We started with a day at Camp James on Friday. Then an overnight at Camp James. I then picked him up in the morning, and we were off to breakfast on Balboa Island. A walk to the Peninsula included ice cream and two arcades!!! We then went to Newport Dunes to check out the cottage I rented for two days. Lots of fun, a little small, but lots of fun. I think we would have enjoyed it much more had it been in the summertime.

Off to a surprise dinner at Dave & Buster's, another arcade, and a surprise visit from Auntie, Keegan, and Nolan. Had a great time. Then off to floor seats to see the Harlem Globetrotters. Great show!!!!! Back to the Dunes. Sunday morning we joined Victoria and Chad for mass and breakfast. Finally, back home. It sure felt good to go home and frankly, to quit spending money. Monday morning was the last of the surprises. Back to Camp James for another day camp. More than anything, he LOVES Camp James!!! We are off to bed and back on track for our regular life. I hope this is a birthday he never forgets; I know I won't!!!!!

Happy Birthday, Tanner

Feb 9, 2008

Cake Decorating

Tanner and his friend Thomas tried their hand at cake decorating.

Feb 4, 2008

Huntington Beach 5K

Our New Year's Resolution this year was to walk/run a 5K once a month. Well, we did the OC 5K in Irvine in January. We mostly walked coming in at about 100th place out of 120. Tanner didn't enjoy it quite as much as I had hoped. But we will try again.

Meanwhile, I signed up with my friend Theresa to do the half marathon in Huntington Beach on February 3rd. Well, didn't quite train enough or at all for that level so we opted to do the 5K. The organizers said we could not "downgrade" to the 5K because it was full. Hence, we did received the half marathon t-shirt. Due to the rainy conditions, we were able to "sneak" into the 5K since we had on so many clothes that they couldn't possibly see our "bibs." In spite of the rain, we had a lot of fun!!! It was cold. We were soaking wet. The first mile and a half the rain beat on our backs. On the last mile and a half the rain was slapping us in the face!!! We laughed a lot and couldn't believe we actually did it. I would do it again, and I'm sure she would too. I kept saying, "I wish I had my camera." We, along with everyone else, were a sight to be seen.