Mar 30, 2008

Bathtub Picture

Bathtub photo?? Today Tanner said, "Come see my beard, Mom." I laughed and then thought, wow, I haven't taken a bathtub picture in a few years. I may not have this chance again!!! So here's my nine-year-old in the bathtub with a beard!!! He's still very young at heart, and I love it!!!

Easter Break at Disneyland.....

Lots of Easter Fun!!!!

Easter 2008

We are today and always grateful for the love of God, our family, and each other!!!

Mar 22, 2008

Love Blogging!!!

PreEaster Celebration

Today we met some friends from church and school at the park. We had an Easter egg hunt and played with our friends. Then Tanner and I colored eggs. I wrote "I love you" on one of the eggs. Then he wrote "You rock." Then I wrote... this went on and on.... It was so much fun!!! How very lucky I am!!! I cherish so much my little guy!!!

Mar 2, 2008

Mug Run 2008

Trying to stay true to our New Year's resolution, we ran/walked in our third 5K this year. We ran with Tanner's school in a local 5K. Lots of fun. I actually thought I had ran it, but my time was 50 minutes; Tanner walked/ran and came in at 55 minutes.