Jul 27, 2008

ABC's of Me

I'm not sure I remember how to blog or post. But I have been tagged three times (thanks to my awesome cousins and cousin-in-law) So here goes..

A - Attached or single? My least favorite question in the whole world - single
B - Best friend? I, too, am VERY blessed with lots of Best Friends.
C - Cake or Pie? I'm really not a sweet eater - I know you can't tell by my waist size
D - Day of Choice? Friday. Usually, a day off and the weekend is ahead.
E - Essential item? Flip-flops
F - Favorite color? white
G - Gummy bears or worms - neither
H - Hometown? - Cerritos
I - Favorite indulgence? massage
J - January or July? Definitely July
K - Kids - one awesome nine-year-old boy
L - Life isn't complete without? God and Love
M - Marriage date? There's that question again - not applicable
N - Number of brothers and sisters? one sister
O - Oranges or apples? apples - mostly due to the fact you can buy them already sliced
P - Phobias - freeway overpasses
Q - Quotes - "Think with your heart."
R - Reasons to smile - my son Tanner - I am VERY blessed!!!
S - Season of choice? No question Summer
T - Tag five people - My cousins are the only ones I know that blog. Thanks for thinking of me.
U - Unknown fact about me - Planning to enroll in a Master's program in January
V - This letter seemed to be missing - Very blessed due to the love of God, my son, my family!
W - Worst habit? Thank God I was able to kick that about five years ago.
X - Xray or ultrasound? Xray
Y - Your favorite food? Sushi!!!
Z - Zodiac sign - Aries